At Last, A Medium you can afford

Consumers need to be exposed to a message a bare minimum of three times before it begins to penetrate. If you’re anything like most business owners, you can’t afford to air a message three times on cable or broadcast networks. Don’t worry, you don’t need all the fancy sound and voiceovers to be effective. The best part? You get to reach consumers within hours of their largest purchase of the day.

Explosion of Leads When Done Right

Most business owners are spending a fortune on radio advertisements and aren’t getting any sort of a return. Why you may ask? Let’s face it - the ads you hear on the radio are just not effective. They’re not effective because they don’t compel listeners to act and they don’t know your company like we know your company.

We know how to turn listeners into leads because we do radio advertisements the right way. When your phone starts ringing off the hook, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t gone with us sooner.



Access an increasing user base for pennies on the dollar

Say what? You heard us right - you can advertise on web radio platforms like Pandora, Spotify and Slacker radio (just to name a few) very inexpensively. Pandora alone has well over 150 million registered users. How would you like to tap into that? The user base is extremely large and getting larger. At the moment, more than 42% of the U.S population is listening to music on these web radio platforms.

Better data + Better decisions = A Goldmine for your business

Okay, so cheap advertising is great, but is it worth your investment? Absolutely! Here’s why - these online radio platforms allow you to select who hears your ad by age, music and zip code or county. Incredible huh? We think so! Anytime you have the ability to control those elements, you are able to make the best decisions possible with your advertising dollars. In turn, you’ll tap into a goldmine of leads and sales for your business - which is what you want at the end of the day.